A Brief History of Sculptura® Sculptura

A Brief History of Sculptura®

The company Sculptura® was founded in 2004 under the most unusual circumstances!

While on a trip to Byron Bay, Sean Bassett met Chris Campbell, a collector of art, sculpture, antiques and artefacts. They arranged to meet at Chris’s property, for Sean to view his collection. Sean Bassett found himself fascinated by the collection of such a diverse collection of incredible objects d’ art, most of them museum quality. Ancient Myanmar carvings, antique carved timber doors, sculptures carved in stone, bronze and semi-precious gems such as onyx and jade to name a few.

Several hours went by during which time, unbelievably a house fire started in the upstairs room of the house! The fire quickly took hold, and it became apparent that the house would soon be engulfed in flames and that a multi-million dollar art collection would be lost. While waiting for the fire department to arrive, Sean Bassett felt he could not allow the valuable collection to be lost and took it upon himself to single-handedly fight the fire, while Chris went to call for help.

Armed with two buckets and a water tank within proximity, Chris passed buckets of water to Sean to assist in putting out the fire. Sean climbed the side of the building to the second storey, determined to extinguish the fire.

In an unbelievable turn of events, the fire was extinguished with the majority of the art collection remaining unharmed. Chris felt so grateful towards Sean Bassett that he offered Sean to represent and sell select items from his collection.

Sean proceeded to open a gallery and retail store in Melbourne, and that is when Sculptura® commenced trading. Some of the pieces were sold, some merely admired and some inspired interest in other areas. Many clients were interested in purchasing or commissioning sculptures.

Victoria Polasek, her brother David Polasek and Sean Bassett have all been interested and involved in the art arena, either as designers, in construction, sales or art consulting.

Victoria Polasek and Sean Bassett began to become more involved in the search for talented artists both in Australia and internationally that they could both collaborate with and also represent under the Sculptura® banner.

Are you looking for a quality art investment? Sculptura® sell quality sculptures sourced globally from award-winning artists. We have a large variety of quality sculptures to choose from including bronze sculptures, stainless steel sculptures and more! Please feel free to contact Sean Bassett or Victoria Polasek at Sculptura® by phone 1300 278 347 or enquire online.