We take immense pride in the diversity and calibre of artists whose works grace the walls and spaces of Sculptura. Whether you’re a long-time admirer of the arts or a curious newcomer, our artists offer a dynamic range of experiences that will resonate with you on multiple levels.

Our gallery is home to many talented artists, from to sculptors who are masters of working with resilient mediums like bronze and stainless steel, to painters who work in oil, acrylics and impasto. Each artist transforms these industrial materials into expressive forms that encapsulate human emotion, natural beauty, or abstract concepts.

A Confluence of Traditional and Contemporary Techniques

What sets Sculptura apart is the harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary techniques our artists employ. Their skilful use of enduring mediums such as bronze and stainless steel in sculpture, or paints in both classical and modern styles, showcases the evolving narrative of art across ages.

Artists such as Christian Maas bring the timeless allure of bronze to life, creating sculptures that are both intricate and grand. Alternatively, if you are drawn to the sleek, futuristic aura of stainless steel, you’ll find yourself captivated by works from artists like Lachlan Ross, whose creations add a contemporary touch to our collection.

Painters Across Mediums

Our selection of painters adds vivid brushstrokes of colour and imagination to Sculptura. Utilizing various types of paints—be it oil, acrylic, or watercolour—these artists cover a spectrum of styles, from abstract to representational. Painters like Palla Jeroff excel in capturing the nuance of natural landscapes, while artists such as Mark Stuart delve into the more abstract, encouraging viewers to interpret the essence of each painting on a personal level.

Photographers: The Lens Masters

Our photographers have an uncanny ability to freeze moments in time, offering a unique perspective on the world. They employ both traditional and modern techniques, capturing images that range from black and white classics to vibrant, colour-saturated compositions. Photographers like Hugh Arnold capture candid snapshots of the human figure and emotion.

Upcoming Features

We regularly update our roster of artists and rotate our exhibitions to provide a fresh and ever-changing experience for our visitors. Keep an eye out for our Artists’ Meet-and-Greet events and medium-specific exhibitions, which are fantastic opportunities to delve deeper into the works of our featured artists.

When you step into Sculptura, you’re not just observing art—you’re experiencing a rich tapestry of creative expression, showcased through sculpture, painting, and photography. We invite you to explore this extraordinary world, where each piece is a dialogue between the artist and the observer, and each medium—be it bronze, stainless steel, or paints—adds a unique voice to this intricate conversation.

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