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Garden Sculpture Styles

There are many sculpture styles that work well when considering a garden sculpture.

Animal sculptures
for the garden

bull sculpture Sculptura copyright

Animal sculptures provide a living element to a garden environment. As humans, we find connections between animals and ourselves that align with our perceptions of who we are, whether it’s the power of a charging bull or the playfulness of dancing rabbits.

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Busts and figure sculptures for the garden


Similar to animal sculptures, figurative sculptures also give a living element to a garden environment. Figurative statues and busts are very classical, and many great sculptors thrived with incredibly detailed extended pieces. The human element can provide a sense of intimacy, especially when the figure creates emotion, provides admiration, has personality, or just has sheer beauty.

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Organic form sculptures for the garden

organic form sculpture Sculptura Copyright

Organic form sculpture is, as described, organic and natural, fitting in perfectly with the garden setting and design. These sculptures are pure emotion and leave more to the imagination where even if the artist has a clear inspiration, as the viewer, you also project your own experience on the shape in front of you. In contrast to more geometric shapes, organic form sculptures do not have symmetry and hard lines, so they blend in more with the garden.

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Sphere and shape sculptures for the garden


Spheres and shape sculptures provide symmetry to a garden. It can give a garden a sense of completeness and harmony as it brings structure to what can sometimes be an unbalanced environment.
Geometric shape sculptures can also fit in with complex or specific landscaping where there are hard lines and shaped natural components such as hedges and trees.

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Storied sculptures
for the garden

The-March-Hare-sculpture - -the-Wonderland-Collection-by-Sculptura-main

Storied sculptures, similar to the adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, tell a story that can be dear to our heart, a reminder of historical events, or just give us something nostalgic or inquisitive. These sculptures are often playful in nature and frequently used in public gardens for this reason. They also provide a fantastic sense of nostalgia with the themes from which they are derived.

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Fountains and bath sculptures for the garden

Black Stallions

While they can serve a functional purpose, fountains and baths have been used as art pieces for centuries. The flow of water adds an element of movement and momentum to a garden that can sometimes have a static feel.

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Garden sculpture materials

It’s important when choosing an outdoor sculpture that the material is conditioned for the weather, not all steel sculptures can go outside, and many will rust because they’re not made of the right type of steel. For example even stainless steel needs to be 316 grade or better. Aluminium, bronze, and corten steel are also good for the weather, but corten and often leaves marks if stood without a pedestal.
Stone such as marble or granite suit all environments including outdoor garden settings, but can often be quite heavy to move, so first positioning is key. Some other materials include wood, glass, or plastic, each have their own positive qualities, but are not ideal for outdoor garden settings.
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AluminiumBronzeCorten Steel
stainless-steel for sculpturestone-sculpture-materialwood-sculpture-material
Stainless SteelStoneOther – wood/glass/resin

A collection of sculptures perfectly suited for the garden

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