Horse and equine sculpture

Our broad collection of horse sculpture and statues represent the majesty of these noble animals. Generally speaking art depicting horses use them as a symbol to represent power, freedom, independence, nobleness, heroism, competition and triumph. We represent several artists who have used horses as a muse for their sculptural pieces. Famed French artist Christian Maas […]


Sculpture chosen for Ladbrokes TV commercial starring Mark Wahlberg

The contemporary stainless steel sculpture Epic by Australian sculptor Lachlan Ross has been chosen for the Ladbrokes TV commercial starring Mark Wahlberg. The Australian born artist who resides mainly in the Byron Bay area was delighted to hear the news that one of his most recent sculptures was picked for the shoot. He had stated […]


Christian Maas unveils David Bowie sculpture at The Westbury Mayfair in London

Surrounded by London’s business elite and patrons of the arts, French artist Christian Maas brings to life his homage to the beloved singer-songwriter David Bowie at The Westbury Mayfair in London. Stood beside his work, Christian Maas stands with pride as the sculpture is made a permanent piece of the luxury hotel. The sculpture was […]


Choosing the right garden sculpture

(Part 2 “Placing your garden sculpture” coming soon) These days gardens are an expansion of your home. Choosing the right piece of art for your garden or courtyard can make or ruin a space. You must consider four main things when choosing the right garden sculpture: Style Size and shape Material Feeling  The type or style of artwork will need […]

The Beauty of Bronze Sculptures

Sculpting is an art form that can be dated back to a great many years ago. The introduction of bronze materials simply made sculptures come alive in different ways than before. Take a look into bronze sculptures to recognize the beauty and appreciation that the carefully created art from showcases. A Brief History of Bronze […]


United – Stainless Steel Sculpture

‘United ‘sculpture is taken at the Chelsea Flower and Garden show. Our sculpture was placed with Flemings and they won a gold medal for their display. Website Directory Australia

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