Meet Mark Stuart

Mark Stuart is both an abstract painter and a figurative sculptor. He has a body of artwork spanning three decades. You can trace his artistic journey from Australia to Italy and France and back over this time.

Stuart’s artistic journey began in Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia, where he grew up. He then moved to Sydney in 1978 with a strong determination to become a sculptor. Early in this journey, he rented a studio from Australian sculptor Brett Whiteley and bought Joel Ellenberg’s sculpting supplies to create. Ellenberg’s recommendation led Stuart to move to Carrara, Italy, in 1983, where he began hand-carving colossal sculptures. Carrara, renowned for its ageless techniques and a European appreciation for the beauty of marble, served as the epicentre of marble sculpture in Europe. He then moved to France to continue exploring different European styles.

After spending thirty years living in France and exhibiting his work in various countries, including America, Italy, and the UK, Stuart returned to Australia in 2014 to settle down. His art is featured in many significant private collections, and he was a nominee for the prestigious Wynne Prize in 1992.

He has recently started exploring his way of responding to the world, influenced by his misophonia. His paintings reflect a multi-layered reaction to different stimuli, such as motion and stillness, noise and calm, and chance plays an essential role in his creative process, shattering light and creating new forms.

One of Stuart’s most remarkable qualities as an artist is his ability to embody the European level of expression and technical skill. His works are primarily handcrafted, in contrast to the extensive industrial procedures of sculpture, and reflect a sure defiance of social expectations and a fascination for the world’s mysteries.

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