Meet Jan Kalab

Born in 1978 in Prague, Czechoslovakia, Jan Kaláb is one of the country’s most notable contemporary artists. As a founding pioneer of the Prague underground graffiti and street art scene, formerly known as Cakes, he and his crew, The DSK, animated city streets and train yards.

Kaláb’s work has since evolved into 3-D graffiti, light-suspended installations, animated NFTs, paintings, and sculptures. His paintings teeter on the edge of sculpture, and his sculptures are often painted. Shape and color are central to his work, which he pushes and blends to exaggerate or minimize forms. While his work may resemble particular shapes, his intention is not to replicate existing images but to seek universal beauty from a novel perspective. He strives to create sensations of déjà vu, aiming to evoke special memories or melodies in his audience.

available art:

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