Burning Ellipse

by Jan Kalab

Jan Kalab Ellipse 522, 2022

Burning Ellipse 522

Artist: Jan Kaláb

Year: 2022

Material: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 100 cm x 70 cm x 18 cm (39.37 in x 27.56 in x 7.09 in)

Burning Ellipse by Jan Kaláb is an entrancing painting that features a striking blend of gradient colors transitioning from deep reds to vibrant yellows and oranges. The piece showcases an organic, flowing form within an oval shape, emphasizing Kaláb’s masterful use of color and form. The smooth transitions and rich hues create a sense of depth and movement, drawing the viewer’s eye across the canvas. This painting exemplifies Kaláb’s innovative approach to abstract art, merging geometric precision with fluid, organic aesthetics to evoke a sense of harmony and dynamic energy. Burning Ellipse invites viewers to explore the interplay of light, shadow, and color, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary abstract art.

Size: medium


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