Horse and equine sculpture

Our broad collection of horse sculpture and statues represent the majesty of these noble animals. Generally speaking art depicting horses use them as a symbol to represent power, freedom, independence, nobleness, heroism, competition and triumph. We represent several artists who have used horses as a muse for their sculptural pieces. Famed French artist Christian Maas […]


Christian Maas unveils David Bowie sculpture at The Westbury Mayfair in London

Surrounded by London’s business elite and patrons of the arts, French artist Christian Maas brings to life his homage to the beloved singer-songwriter David Bowie at The Westbury Mayfair in London. Stood beside his work, Christian Maas stands with pride as the sculpture is made a permanent piece of the luxury hotel. The sculpture was […]


Top 100 Sculptures in History

Subjects: Art history ; Sculpture history ; Top 100 sculpture ; Greatest sculptors Author: Dylan B There are so many magnificent sculptures through out time, to make a list of the top 100 sculptures in history is a difficult task. There are three main concepts that are considered by many art academics that make a […]

5 Common Materials for Sculptures

Stainless Steel Sculptures made from stainless steel are durable due to their hardness and corrosion resistance. This also means the sculpture will be quite heavy and sturdy when comparing to other materials. The stainless steel sculptures can be more costly due to its superiority. Our stainless steel sculptures are marine grade, meaning they withstand corrosion […]

Sculptura – International sculptures for sale

The modern art pieces for sale by Sculptura® are exquisite and of the highest quality. These exclusive pieces can help you to make a statement in a bold way, whether on public display or as a part of a private collection. From around the globe, these pieces are internationally renowned for their beauty and sophistication. […]

Magnificent Metal Garden Sculptures

Art has been evolving through the years. At Sculptura, we are dedicated to coming up with artistic metal garden sculptures that will satisfy the aesthetic needs of our clients. The vast experience that we have in the production of metal garden sculptures is strong and reliable enough to come up with a new metal garden […]

Grand Stainless Steel Sculptures

What is Stainless Steel? Stainless steel is popular because it’s resistant to tarnishing and rust. Amazingly, they make great material for magnificent sculptures. Ordinary steel has the potential to rust with water. In fact, stainless steel has valuable steel alloys. There are different types of stainless steel which gives you have several options based on […]

Bronze Sculpture History

A Bronze sculpture is often referred to as simply “Bronze”. Bronze is still one of the most popular metals in which sculptures and other figures are made from. To date, there are still some famous bronze sculptures that still exist today. John Waddell was famous for bronze sculptures as well as many sculptures and figures made from bronze. In 2007 […]

Metal Garden Sculptures For Beauty

As art historian Jonathan Fineberg said “Art, like falling in love, simultaneously disorganises and natures the self towards a creative reordering.” Beautiful sculptures in your garden will always give an everlasting first impression. A metal garden sculpture is uniquely placed to stimulate emotions at a personal level since it exists in the same space as […]

Unique Sculptures For Sale

If you are looking for a sculpture that will give your space unique flare, this company has exactly what you need. The sculptures for sale through this company are though of and created by the talented artists on staff. Each of the sculptures for sale are created to give the onlooker deep thoughts. They are […]

Stainless Steel Sculpture Adds Natural Harmony

Metal is one of earth’s healing forces. Whether this is due to the magnetic properties found within or the natural occurring balance that its minerals reinforce, metal plays an important part in our society. Sculptors that work with metal have come to realize that creating a work of art with different types of metal, can […]

Stainless Steel Sculptures: Timeless Reflections

Sleek and modern, stainless steel sculptures add impact to any building, office or home decor. A stainless steel sculpture should cause the admirer to contemplate the elegance of design and shape, as well as inspire conversation. Stainless Steel Sculptures Expand the Art Scene British metallurgist Harry Brearley is credited with inventing stainless steel in 1913, […]

Harness the Power of Art with a Metal Garden Sculpture

Harness the Power of Art Art is powerful. It has the exceptionable ability to draw people in, direct attention, and stimulate emotion and thought. A metal garden sculpture is particularly potent because it lives in the same space as the observer and engages them on a personal level. The ancients understood the power of sculptures […]

The Australian Rhino Project

Sculptura® is proud to endorse the Australia Rhino Poject. Sculptura® & Investec sponsored the event, held at The Westin Sydney. Seen below, is Dr Chris Brown standing next to a Sculptura® Aluminium Rhino.  

Australian Garden Sculpture Artists

First impressions are lasting ones, and your social status in Australia depends on you making a great impression all of the time. Show off your success and superb taste with a selection of elegant and impressive outdoor garden sculpture art for your home and landscape. Our sculptured pieces of original garden sculpture  artwork are the […]

Sculpture Melbourne — A World Come To Life

Sculpture is art that invites us into its world. When you view a sculpture you interact with it in a way that is unique to other forms of art. On a trip to Melbourne you will experience many imaginative and powerful sculptures that invite you to step into their world and dream of new possibilities. […]

Gifted Artists Sculpture Sydney Designs

Business managers can purchase a graceful sculpture in Sydney. The designs are available in stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. The local artists lovingly sculpture Sydney favorites such as crocodiles, horses, rabbits and panthers. Beautiful works of art can be used to connect people with nature and to create a soothing ambiance in a busy office. The lobby of […]

Inspirational Sculptures for Sale

Sculptura has several lovely sculptures for sale, which will provide a signature appearance for any business. The sculptures can be purchased or rented and are available in several materials such as stainless steel, bronze, marble, copper, aluminium, stone, wood and resin. The designs will enhance an entryway and also accentuate a courtyard. Sculptures can be […]

Stainless Steel Sculpture Evokes Pure Imagination

Stainless steel sculpture art is an extremely advantageous medium for artists. Stainless steel sculpture art, while relatively young, has years of structural practice behind it, as steel remains basic to the entire industrial world. Compared to other materials in which sculptors have specialized for centuries, steel is durable, though it possesses the quality of being […]

When Aluminium Sculpture Art was more expensive than gold!

The first step in extracting aluminium was made by the famous Paracelsus in the 16th century. From alums he separated an aluminous soil which contained the oxide of a then unknown metal. Then, Andreas Marggraf, a German chemist, in the mid 1800’s repeated the experiment. He called the aluminium oxide ‘alumina.’ From then on it […]

Stainless steel sculpture art by Sculptura

The Material Series Stainless steel sculpture art Unlike steel and iron, which have been around for more than a thousand years, stainless steel is the new kid on the block in the world of metallurgy, having first been produced only 100 years ago. This may seem hard to believe, given how prominent it is in […]

Christian Maas Interview

Christian Maas has been focusing on sculpture since 1987. His monumental works can be seen in public spaces in France but also abroad. He often strives to achieve a sense of realism, both in his representations of animals and the female form. Christian Maas is a very committed artist who is only too happy to […]

Part of Darryn Lyons’ colourful art collection now on display

COLOURFUL Geelong Mayor Darryn Lyons is courting controversy after handing over part of his private — and provocative — art collection to the city’s gallery for a summer exhibition. The former paparazzi king has been a serious art collector for 20 years and his extensive collection includes eight Andy Warhol paintings. Lyons has loaned 32 […]

art for business sake

There is more to enhancing your corporate environment with art than the obvious aesthetic benefits. With a statement Sculptura artwork, you can elevate not only your environment but the perception of your business in the eyes of clients, shareholders and staff. An exclusive artwork is a measure of success and Sculptura has an extensive range […]

new monthly rental plan options

Sculptura Rental’s new monthly payment option makes exquisite, contemporary art more accessible than ever. Whether as a statement piece in your office foyer, or for the home owner who likes to regularly redecorate our monthly payments allow you to enjoy exclusive art with increased flexibility and affordability.

introducing the glimmer sculpture

Glimmer is a stunning new design by artist Lachlan Ross that encapsulates the superior workmanship, and exquisite detail that is representative of all Sculptura art. This head turning show-piece stands over 1.5 metres (without base). Composed of quality stainless steel this beautiful contemporary sculpture is suitable for enhancing both interior and exterior spaces.

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