First impressions are lasting ones, and your social status in Australia depends on you making a great impression all of the time. Show off your success and superb taste with a selection of elegant and impressive outdoor garden sculpture art for your home and landscape. Our sculptured pieces of original garden sculpture  artwork are the creation of some of the most impressive artists of our time. We offer a wide variety of each of these artist’s sculptures that will create a rare and stunning visual orchestra for your home and landscape.

Garden Sculpture Artists

Christian Maas Garden Sculpture Art garden sculpture garden sculpture

Christian Maas creates flowing and graceful female works which contain smooth curves and a prominent feel of incredible passion. His representation of wild animals and larger than life sculptures that he creates in metal are perfect for making a bold statement. Garden sculpture art by Christian Maas and Sculptura® will impress.

Lachlan Ross
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Lachlan Ross from Byron Bay in Australia, works primarily in marine grade stainless steel. He draws his inspiration from his second residence in Barcelona when he creates his incredible works. Some of his public work is located in Canberra, Sydney, Bondi, and Melbourne.

David Bromley

David Bromley’s style centers around the softer side of humanity; women and children. His art is displayed worldwide and is reminiscent of early children’s book illustrations. His use of butterflies and the female form gives indication of his soft creative side.

David Polasek
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David Polasek is a metal master of artistry who makes his home in Melbourne. His ability to bend and shape metal into beautiful smooth works of art will amaze all who gaze upon them. Classy, clean, and curvatious, Polasek works his magic to deliver art that has an enormous impact on the look of a landscape or location.

Tonu Shane

Tonu Shane is the master at large image art. Once working from California, he now makes his home in Australia where he continues to create his enormous works which can be seen in such locations as the San Francisco Zoo, Golden Gate National Parks, the Bronx Zoo, Presidio National Park, the University of Prague, and hundreds more locations.

Successful Garden Sculpture Art

There is no substitution for the reaction you will get from your visitors and guests in response to your impressive works of modern yard and home art. Whether you are shopping for a single piece or for an entire collection of garden art, we have just the piece to fit into your landscape or home design.

Make a big impression with a steel, aluminum, or bronze garden sculpture art for your garden or landscape. These incredible high end works of art will have your visitors buzzing about your home to all of their friends. To find the piece that is just right for you, visit our website, leave us a message, or give us a telephone call so that we may assist you in finding the piece of artwork that is perfect for you, your home, and your image.

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