Lukáþ Rais - Sculptor

Meet Lukas Rais

Lukáš Rais is a representative of the generation of Czech sculptors who entered the art scene at the beginning of the twenty-first century. In a short period of time, he managed to build an excellent reputation and a distinctive position.

The work of Lukáš Rais is characterized by extraordinary monumentality, sophisticated composition, compactness of form and at the same time refinement. Harmony and plasticity are embodied in the organic sculptures made of stainless steel, we perceive in them a special harmony of weight and lightness, softness and hardness, i.e. seemingly contradictory phenomena. They make us curious, we want to approach them to explore them, but they also give us a sense of security. When we look into them, we find that they mirror us. Suddenly we are a part of them, we are absorbed by them like the whole environment. They connect the worlds and shine in their power as extraordinary bodies full of emotions. It is also important that they are clearly classifiable and recognizable at first glance. It is a sign that the sculptor has built his own world, which is one of the defining conditions if the artist wants to deviate from the line. They don’t even have to be signed and we still know who was at their birth.

The works of Lukáš Rais are as if created for public space, in cities, parks, in various environments. They become part of the architecture, helping to develop and enrich it. They energize and strengthen the genia loci of the very place in which they are planted. They represent orientation points, thanks to which people gradually adopt a given locality: modern totems. They are generally received positively, they bring joy. They attract attention without being first-rate attractions and no matter how much they want to pander. This is a rare occurrence. They have something archetypal encoded in them, something that is close even to people who otherwise do not seek out contemporary art, especially abstract art. Above all, however, they are beautiful. 

Petr Volf, art critic

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