Meet Mike Van Dam Sculptor

New Zealand born and coming from Dutch heritage Mike Van Dam began creating sculpture since 2010.

Specialising in stainless steel sculpture, Mike Van Dam uses the medium of chain links to create unique and aesthetically beautiful sculptures that he has developed and sold around the world.

He chose this premium material for all of his artworks after conducting extensive research, and it will actually last for hundreds of years. He can effortlessly adjust its size and shape.

Since he works as a sheet metal worker by trade, specialising in stainless steel, and has a passion for contemporary art and sculptures for almost 10 years, Michael Van Dam is an expert in metal.

He employs 4 mm and 6 mm 316 marine grade stainless steel chain for his sculptures. The construction becomes sturdy and long-lasting after the links are joined by welding, making it perfect for coastal, commercial, and public settings as well as opulent residences, hotels, and boats.


available art:

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