Meet Stephen Glassborow

Stephen-Glassborow-and-Super-Model-SculptureStephen Glassborow is a contemporary English sculptor.

Stephen begins his creative process with ideas that formulate to become drawings, he then predominantly sculpts using clay for modelling, and finishing in bronze.

Inspired early on by the Art Deco period, many of his works are figurative pieces, but with a perspective that bends the perceptions of realism. He is very detailed in his sculpting of the human form, he then blends more abstract notions seamlessly to give the entire piece a unique shape and perspective.

Stephen served as a sculpture student in Newcastle at Brighton College in the United Kingdom.

He is now based in Sydney Australia but has had numerous exhibitions in North America, Europe, the UK, and the Oceanic region.

Some of his more notable sculptures include:

Soft Landing bronze figurative sculpture

Chameleon bronze figurative sculpture

Space Trip bronze figurative sculpture


available art:

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