Meet Milan Kuzica

Milan Kuzica (born November 12, 1962, in Martin, Slovak Republic) is a renowned sculptor who permanently lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. He studied molding and design at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Kremnica, Slovakia, and privately with Professor Jozef Kostka. In 1991, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, where he studied under Associate Professor Peter Paliatka and Professor Juraj Meliš. He completed his education at the Faculty of Education of Comenius University in Bratislava.

Kuzica’s career includes teaching positions at TAFE University and Claremont School of Art in Perth, Australia, and a sculpting internship at Greg James Sculptor Studio. He has been the director of the art section in The Czech North American Chamber of Commerce & Culture Inc. and a member of The Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences in New York.

Since 1997, Kuzica has focused mainly on his independent sculptural work, which is represented in private collections across Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and internationally. His exhibitions span Slovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, and the USA.

Kuzica’s sculptures are divided into realist and abstract categories, both exploring existential questions and the impact of the environment on people. He employs classic techniques like bronze casting and develops unique methods such as “inorganicbio,” which combines natural shapes with artificial structures and vivid colors. His work often contrasts natural elements with technology, reflecting contemporary life’s complexities.

Notable works include the “Bionic” sculptures and his contributions to sculpture parks in Prague, such as Kejřův Park and Nové Chabry. Kuzica’s sense of color also shines in his abstract paintings and experimental prints, exhibited in the Modern Art Gallery Kruh.

Milan Kuzica continues to push the boundaries of sculpture with his innovative techniques and profound thematic explorations.

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