La Dolce Vita

by Milan Kuzica

La-Dolce-Vita-–-A-Tribute-to-Federico-Fellini,-2019 - -Milan-Kuzica-500

La Dolce Vita – A Tribute to Federico Fellini, 2019

Artist: Milan Kuzica

Size: 236 x 116,1 x 82 cm

Material: Gold-plated stainless steel, Corten

This sculpture pays tribute to the outstanding Italian director and scriptwriter Federico Fellini.
A surrealist flower nurtured by human illusion, it is a visual cue for Fellini’s masterwork, the 1960 critical pamphlet on the lifestyle of so-called noble high society, La dolce vita (Sweet Life).
The sculpture’s contrasting forms, diverse color palette and surface, mirror reflections, both rigid
and frivolous lines metaphorically express the heart of human existence threatened by decadence – self-indulgence and addictive infatuation.
Installed in a private collection, garden near Olomouc.

Size: large


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