by Milan Kuzica

Marilyn - -Happy-Birthday-Mr.-President! - -Milan-Kuzica-001-500

Marilyn (Happy Birthday Mr. President!), 2014–2017

Artist: Milan Kuzica

Size: 320 cm x 330 cm x 330 cm

Material: Inorganicbio technology, acrylic binder, powder pigments

Marilyn is a sculpture inspired by Warholian pop culture. It is a bionic artwork, a kind of artificially construed organism, capturing our attention by a colorfulness that unavoidably contrasts its surroundings. The piece was produced for an outdoor setting and also designed in a version intended for gallery installation; in the latter case, it can be expanded with elements raising further questions about the order of a world manipulated by figures of state power.
Long-term installation, housing complex in Prague – Nové Chabry.

Size: large


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