Singles MV

by Milan Kuzica

Singles-MW,-2013–2015 - -Milan-Kuzica-500

Singles MV

Artist: Milan Kuzica

Size: 6240 x 235 x 174 cm

Material: Inorganicbio technology, acrylic binder, powder pigments

This sculptural group was done with an original technique called ‘Inorganicbio’. It responds to a lifestyle that has gained popularity in the recent decades – a life in solitude, termed by sociologists as “voluntary singlehood”. Done in contrasting colors, singles of two different principles express mutual, occasionally unidyllic relationships between a man and woman – what seems to fit in fact does not fit at all… Within the whole, apparently symbiotic forms oppose each other antagonistically. The work warns of the consequences of such social changes that, despite apparent personal benefits, may have fatal consequences for humanity. This work finds its opposite in the later sculpture Family.

Size: large


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