Air Chair

by Stephen Glassborow


A conceptual figurative bronze sculpture of a woman in a seated position hovering in the air above a wall.

Air Chair

Artist: Stephen Glassborow

Material: Bronze with black patina

Height: 65cm

Price: $8,800 AUD

Statement by artist Stephen Glassborow on his sculpture Air Chair:

There are different approaches to making sculpture.
Fabrication , Carving , or Modelling.
My choice is modelling in clay. It is soft, pliable , and easy to adjust.
When I am working on a new sculpture , my ideas tend to be loose in concept.
Clay gives me the freedom to change things if I wish. One of the beauty’s about bronze ,is its strength.
It is capable of creating an illusion of weightlessness. As in Air Chair, I have used this technique to draw the viewer into the detail.
I like the contrast between the details of the figure, and the apparent chaos of the cubes.

size: medium


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