Corten Steel Sculpture

In 1959, corten steel began to be marketed and used as weathering steel (atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel). Corten steel has successfully overcome rust and corrosion that most metals other than gold and silver cannot do very well.

“Cor-Ten” gets its properties from a careful manipulation of the alloying elements added to steels during the manufacturing process. All steel produced from iron ore as opposed to scrap comes into being when the iron smelted in blast furnaces is reduced in a converter. The carbon content is lowered and the resultant iron, now steel, is less brittle. It will now have a higher capacity for loading than before.

When corten steel is exposed to the atmosphere, without painting, corten will begin to rust in the same way as ordinary steel. However, soon the alloying elements in corten will cause a protective surface layer of fine-textured rust to form. This will suppress the corrosion rate.

Using this excellent property, corten can be used without painting. Thereby nullifying the commonly held belief that steel must be used with paint.

Since its developments in the US in 1933, corten has been used in every field where steel is applied. This includes bridges, railway vehicle, buildings and more. Sculptura®, has been extremely successful in creating corten steel sculptures.

Using the benefits of corten steel’s weather resistance, a corten steel sculpture can be placed outdoors. A corten steel sculpture in your garden can change the look and feel of your outdoor entertaining area. We offer a variety of corten steel sculptures available for sale and rental. Choose a corten steel sculpture from the ‘available art’ page. Select the right size corten steel sculpture that you wish to place in your home or commercial property.

Our most popular corten steel sculptures include:

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