resin sculpture

A resin sculpture is a piece of three-dimensional art that has been cast using fiberglass resin. Resin is fairly lightweight. It is a durable material that can be painted and glazed to look like stone, porcelain, bronze or marble. Resin is used to manufacture a wide variety of products. Resin’s relative accessibility, compared to other sculpture materials, makes it desirable when the artist wants to make multiple copies of a sculpture. Resin also has become a popular material in creating small statues, jewellery, figurines and various collectables.

Resin is a mixture of materials. This includes urethane, silicone, epoxy and polyester. A resin sculpture is hardy but not indestructible. Cold conditions can cause resin to crack. As the material contracts and then expands when the temperature rises. It is suggested that in some climates, a resin sculpture kept outside should be brought indoors during cold weather.

The process of making a resin sculpture starts when the sculptor creates an original model in clay, wax or other material. A mould is made of the sculpture by covering the model with liquid moulding material. Common moulding materials include silicone, rubber and plaster. The sculpture is often coated with a separating agent such as petroleum jelly to ensure that the mould can be removed easily. Silicone is a is often used as a moulding material because it requires no separating agent.

When the casting material has dried, the mould is removed from the model. The mould is separated along the parting lines. This creates distinct moulds for the different parts of the sculpture. For resin sculpture art, moulds made of rubber, silicone and other flexible materials often are adequate for casting. Other rigid materials, including metal, wood and plaster, can also be used to make sculpture moulds. The inside of the mould could be painted with polyvinyl alcohol or powdered with talcum to ensure that the resin sculpture can be removed easily.

When the resin sculpture is cast, the liquid resin mixture must have a catalyst added to begin the hardening process. Common catalysts include methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, which can be highly volatile, and the less-hazardous benzoyl peroxide.

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