Subjects: Art history ; Sculpture history ; Top 100 sculpture ; Greatest sculptors
Author: Dylan B

There are so many magnificent sculptures through out time, to make a list of the top 100 sculptures in history is a difficult task.
There are three main concepts that are considered by many art academics that make a piece of art a “masterpiece”, whether it is a sculpture, a painting, or any other form of art; 
– The first is that the work is so original that it overwhelms us with its power.
– The second is that it continues to be seen as a masterpiece throughout time.
– And the third, is that is changes the way generations of artist think about their own style.
Contrary to this, popularity in the 21st century can play a factor in the assessment of a masterpiece of art. Social platforms can easily create popularity through a high volume of impressions. This creates a disproportionate view of what is considered “high-value art”.
We have put together a list of the Top 100 Sculptures ever made. The list is obviously based on subjective views of individuals, as with all art. However, we have cross-referenced our list with other considerations in the art community. We have not listed them from one to one hundred. Every sculpture in the top one hundred sculptures list could be in contention as the greatest sculpture of all time. They are all masterpieces, all are from different periods, with artists from different countries, and with different styles.
The list includes bronze sculpture, marble sculpture and speciality sculpture that are made with all different materials. We have segmented what we have discussed as the top 10 sculptures of all time. Many are from some of the greatest sculptors of all time, such as Auguste Rodin, and Michelangelo where their mastery across time is uncontested. We will be doing a separate article on the greatest sculptors, for now, we are focusing on individual pieces.

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