The Australian Rhino Project

Sculptura® is proud to endorse the Australia Rhino Poject. Sculptura® & Investec sponsored the event, held at The Westin Sydney. Seen below, is Dr Chris Brown standing next to a Sculptura® Aluminium Rhino.  

Australian Garden Sculpture Artists

First impressions are lasting ones, and your social status in Australia depends on you making a great impression all of the time. Show off your success and superb taste with a selection of elegant and impressive outdoor garden sculpture art for your home and landscape. Our sculptured pieces of original garden sculpture  artwork are the […]

Sculpture Melbourne — A World Come To Life

Sculpture is art that invites us into its world. When you view a sculpture you interact with it in a way that is unique to other forms of art. On a trip to Melbourne you will experience many imaginative and powerful sculptures that invite you to step into their world and dream of new possibilities. […]

Gifted Artists Sculpture Sydney Designs

Business managers can purchase a graceful sculpture in Sydney. The designs are available in stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. The local artists lovingly sculpture Sydney favorites such as crocodiles, horses, rabbits and panthers. Beautiful works of art can be used to connect people with nature and to create a soothing ambiance in a busy office. The lobby of […]

Inspirational Sculptures for Sale

Sculptura has several lovely sculptures for sale, which will provide a signature appearance for any business. The sculptures can be purchased or rented and are available in several materials such as stainless steel, bronze, marble, copper, aluminium, stone, wood and resin. The designs will enhance an entryway and also accentuate a courtyard. Sculptures can be […]

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