Our broad collection of horse sculpture and statues represent the majesty of these noble animals. Generally speaking art depicting horses use them as a symbol to represent power, freedom, independence, nobleness, heroism, competition and triumph.

We represent several artists who have used horses as a muse for their sculptural pieces.

Famed French artist Christian Maas has won several awards with his creations of animals in bronze and aluminium. Arguably his best horse sculpture is Stallion, this large bronze sculpture depicts a large stallion rearing on its hind legs. A classic portrayal of which can mean power, excitement, aggression, and disobedience. Used famously by luxury car brand Ferrari as its emblem of power. As an ohmage to this iconic brand we have the wall sculpture Ferrari Cavallino with both the bronze and aluminium pieces in our collection.

We also represent several Australian artists who have created bronze horse sculpture masterpieces that can be seen all across Australia.

Most notably the representation of family and freedom in Mare & foal and American Horse.

The horse is an essential part of history, mythology, and folklore. The horse was the one of the main driving factors in the progression of human society across centuries. Their loyalty, obedience, power, and spirituality keep them as a revered companion to us that will never be forgotten.

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