A Bronze sculpture is often referred to as simply “Bronze”. Bronze is still one of the most popular metals in which sculptures and other figures are made from. To date, there are still some famous bronze sculptures that still exist today.

John Waddell was famous for bronze sculptures as well as many sculptures and figures made from bronze. In 2007 some of Waddell’s famous works of art were stolen. To date the bronze sculptures have never been found nor does any concrete information exist on their whereabouts.

Famous Bronze Sculpture Artists

Famous artists include Woody Van Amen, Karel Appel, Abed Abei and many more. These men were well known for creating a sculpture that eventually gained considerable recognition and still stands today.

Sculptura works with famous artists today to create masterpieces. They include Christian Maas, Lachlan Ross, David Bromley, and Frank Malerba

Sculptures made from alpha-bronze consists of an alpha/ bronze solution. Alpha/bronze solutions are commonly used to produce coins. At a time when bronze reached its peak of popularity, bronze was classified as “classic bronze” and “mild bronze”. During wartime “classic bronze” was used to make weapons. Items such as helmets were made from “mild bronze”. Therefore, bronze had a number of useful applications and it served the purpose quite well.

Bronze Sculpture Sculpting Process:

Making bronze figurines and sculptures is quite difficult. The bronze casting process may involve lost-wax casting. Tiny wax bronzed figures were created centuries ago and some still exist today. Those working with bronze casting will work in direct wax. After the metal has cooled down the leftover ceramic part of the figure is removed or chipped away then you are left with an image of some kind. The image can be almost anything, creativity plays a critical role when moulding and sculpting ideas from wax and bronze.

For larger more complex sculptures the sculptor will use study models in order to get a more accurate depiction of what they are attempting to create or re-create. Sometimes a welding process is used when sculpting. The welding process permits large images to be sculpted in smaller portions then joined together. A bronze sculpture can be created in bits and moulded together at a later time.

Royal Bronze Sculptures:

The Great Exhibition of 1851 depicts Prince Albert and other smaller figures which still proudly stands behind the Albert Hall in London. Tourists still seem fascinated with this bronze sculpture and will come from all parts of the world to view this recreation of Prince Albert.

What ever work involved in producing a bronze sculpture is well worth the time and effort for the artist. A bronze sculpture can last centuries and can always be given careful attention if any cracks or damage occurs.

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