Metal is one of earth’s healing forces. Whether this is due to the magnetic properties found within or the natural occurring balance that its minerals reinforce, metal plays an important part in our society. Sculptors that work with metal have come to realize that creating a work of art with different types of metal, can deliver a powerful feeling of timelessness, strength and beauty.

That Special Look of a Stainless Steel Sculpture

Sculptures made of stainless steel are intriguing statements of pure design elegance. Molded into various curves and shapes, they can add a sense of tranquility to any surrounding area. For example, a park that has benches and trees can suddenly come alive with the mixture of a delicately proportioned stainless steel sculpture. Everything appears crisper, brighter and a soothing of the soul transpires.

stainless steel sculptureWhen Did Stainless Steel Sculpture Become Popular?

Stainless steel material was not perfected until the early 21st century. One of the most relevant examples of its use in art can be seen atop the Chrysler Building in Manhattan, New York City. The art deco design are actually replicas of the 1929 Chrysler radiator caps, but was also the beginning of how a stainless steel sculpture could reflect a natural status symbol.

Several artists that evolved into the world of stainless steel sculpture have proven that moving from one media to another can be achieved. For instance, Arthur Carter was a classical pianist that entered the world of sculpture during his later years. Seeing art in everything from his vast corporate holdings, he was able to share his wealth of beauty with the world.

New and interesting ways of working with stainless steel have recently extended the ability to make a stainless steel sculpture available to more of society in the reduction of size by using a laser-cut and water jet-cut system. One pioneer of this method is Babette Bloch of Connecticut. Everything from public art sculptures to small symbolic trophies have been designed and made for a host of different clients.

Stainless Steel Sculpture Goes Corporate

One company, Sculptura, has taken the creativity of stainless steel sculptures to yet another level. Sculptors such as Frenchman Christian Maas, Australian Lachlan Ross, and other noted artists, are able to work within the framework of a company to keep their creativity alive and appreciated. Special projects, rentals for display, and intriguing stainless steel sculpture pieces for sale are offered to corporations and the general public.

It is no longer impossible to own a stainless steel sculpture that generates a feeling of vibrant well-being.
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