Aluminium Sculpture artThe first step in extracting aluminium was made by the famous Paracelsus in the 16th century. From alums he separated an aluminous soil which contained the oxide of a then unknown metal. Then, Andreas Marggraf, a German chemist, in the mid 1800’s repeated the experiment. He called the aluminium oxide ‘alumina.’ From then on it became a widely sought after metal.

Interestingly, aluminium was very rare and precious before an industrial method of production was discovered. It was even more expensive than gold to produce. So, it is not surprising that aluminium was mostly used for jewelry and other luxury articles for the royal families of Europe. Jewelers using this pricy metal particularly liked the shining silvery metal and its exceptional flexibility.

Aluminium Sculpture Art for the Masses

The inexpensive method of producing aluminium was discovered by Hall and Heroult in 1886, and changed the metal’s role in everyday life. At the turn of the century the new material left the court chambers and started to appear in the streets. The non-corrosive metal was very well-suited for city, park and garden sculptures. Sir Alfred Gilbert, the late 19th century celebrated British sculptor made his famous statue, Eros, from aluminium. It is still in Piccadilly Circus and is deemed a London landmark.

Aluminium sculpture art is becoming more and more popular for a couple of reasons:

  • It is cheaper than bronze casting.
  • It is highly corrosion resistance.
  • It is lighter than bronze which makes installation easier, especially for monumental sculptures.

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