Harness the Power of Art

Art is powerful. It has the exceptionable ability to draw people in, direct attention, and stimulate emotion and thought. A metal garden sculpture is particularly potent because it lives in the same space as the observer and engages them on a personal level. The ancients understood the power of sculptures and used them not only to beautify their world but also to announce their status and objectives.

Metal garden sculptures are an exciting way to harness this power and make it work for you. You can create a distinctive statement about your home or business by choosing a handcrafted metal garden sculpture by one of Sculptura’s renowned artists from around the world that reflects what your home or business is all about. Sculptura’s artists use steel, bronze, corten steel, and aluminum to create metal garden sculptures in a variety of styles.

Melbourne mixes the modern with the traditional

metal garden sculpture

Traditional bronze sculptures have been fashioned for centuries because of their beauty and strength. “Mare and Foal” by Christian Maas is a striking example of traditional techniques and style. The flowing lines of this sculpture enhance the sense of love and caring between the mother and child and project those qualities outward into the landscape.

metal garden sculpture

Of course, today’s artist aren’t afraid to mix and match traditional materials and techniques with more modern ones. Sculptura’s marine grade stainless steel metal garden sculptures combine durability with modern beauty and are an excellent option for outdoor or indoor installations. Add sophistication and drama to your landscape with one of Lachlan Ross’s intricate marine grade stainless steel metal garden sculptures. His graphic style and attention to fine details combines perfectly with this material for a bold modern look that is both visually arresting and thought provoking.

metal garden sculpture

Stainless steel sculptures can also fuse the modern to the traditional. Christian Maas’s whimsical and fierce, life sized “crocodile” will enchant any observer through its combination of a traditional animal subject and modern stainless steel.

Sculpture sets the tone for your space

A metal garden sculpture can be an elegant finishing touch for your outdoor space or a bold statement that makes an immediate impression on your visitors and guests the moment they step onto your property. Whatever subject or material is used, by choosing a piece of art that evokes the ideals and values that you want to present, a quality metal garden sculpture will make a lasting impression on guests long after they leave.

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