As art historian Jonathan Fineberg said “Art, like falling in love, simultaneously disorganises and natures the self towards a creative reordering.” Beautiful sculptures in your garden will always give an everlasting first impression. A metal garden sculpture is uniquely placed to stimulate emotions at a personal level since it exists in the same space as the observer. The power of art is its ability to manifest an idea, concept and most importantly an emotion. A metal garden sculpture can be disturbing or comforting, transformative or revelatory, either way, it is undeniably impactful.

At Sculptura, we provide an array of exclusive contemporary Metal Garden Sculpture from some of the world’s most renowned artists including; Christian Maas, Lachlan Ross, and David Polasek. We focus our art in metal and stainless steel Metal Garden Sculpture whose quality is exceptional. Our art involves a wide range of sculptures that vary in size, style and investment value. You definitely won’t lack a piece that will match your elegance, style and class to redefine your garden space with. You definitely can choose Metal Garden Sculpture from Sculptura that will make a strong statement about you, your business or home.

Sculptura provides a mix of ancient and modern Metal Garden Sculpture to ensure each of our customers gets the right piece for the mood or statement they want to make.
Kate Moss by Christian Maas is a striking bronze Metal Garden Sculpture that has a sensational ancient beauty and style and still poses as a modern elegant piece of art. It is a forge of a modern past. The flawless lines of this Metal Garden sculpture portray, a scared and starved woman, one whose life depends on the next move. Placing the sculpture in your landscape projects the emotions to the environment in an elegant style only it can do.
Placing of an art is solely dependent on your intention, meaning moving your art around can create different impacts to the observer interacting with your landscape. The stainless steel sculpture by Lanchlan Ross “Sunset” is a striking interwoven construction of marine glades that stands as a perfect water feature for your landscape. When well placed, it gives an illusion of the sunset and most importantly the relaxing feel that comes with it. Lanchlan Ross capture one of the most exhilarating moments in a single sculpture.

Sculptura is Australia’s leading supplier of corporate art sourced from the world yonder. We provide Metal Garden sculptures for both sales and rentals for groups, corporate enterprises or individuals who want to illuminate their landscape with elegance and style.

Sculptura® has several lovely sculptures for sale and rental, with a focus on metal and stainless steel sculpture art, we provide sculptures of exceptional quality that are both a visual and financial asset. Our extensive range  includes sculpture by world renowned artists and pieces that vary in size, style and investment value. Sculptura® sells sculptures in various materials including:


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Sculptura® is Australia’s leading supplier of sculptures, sourced globally from world class sculpture artists. We supply Sculptures all around Australia including: Sculptures Perth, Sculptures Melbourne and Sculptures Sydney.

Sculptures are available Australia wide including sculpture Sydney and sculpture Melbourne. View our blog post here on sculpture Sydney and sculpture Melbourne.