The modern art pieces for sale by Sculptura® are exquisite and of the highest quality. These exclusive pieces can help you to make a statement in a bold way, whether on public display or as a part of a private collection. From around the globe, these pieces are internationally renowned for their beauty and sophistication.

The sculptures for sale here are made from various materials. Though the focus tends to be on metal sculptures, other media include wood and stone. Here we provide for you to shop by the material you prefer, as well as by the pieces themselves:
Stainless Steel
Corten Steel

Sculptura®: Artists

The artist who created many of the sculptures for sale is Christian Maas, who has been active for over twenty-five years. His sculpture is often focused on women and life-sized animals, but his work is diverse and magnificent. Another of the talented artists whose sculptures for sale are on Sculptura® is Lachlan Ross, whose style is often to create woven sculptures of stainless steel. These pieces, often abstract, have a harmony all their own that lends grace to wherever they are displayed.

Just a Taste of the Sculptures for Sale

The abstract pieces, made often from woven and solid stainless steel, are exotic and graceful. Some, like Evolve and Opulence, are large pieces that can fill a space without making it feel crowded; these pieces are magnificent but not overwhelming, and other pieces by Lachlan Ross often have a such an ephemeral personality.

The figure sculptures for sale have a life and grace of their own. Christian Maas’ Arrogance has such vitality she almost seems she could speak, while his Rhinoceros seems ready to charge. These pieces, formed in exquisite detail, add flair to wherever they are displayed.

Sculptura®: Sculptures for Sale and Rent

These sculptures for sale can also be rented, and the benefits of renting and owning these beautiful sculptures for longer include enhancing your environment temporarily or permanently, no depreciation or maintenance of these sculptures, and exquisite art for your displays either for short or long terms.

Some wonderful sculptures for sale of  higher magnitude such as Vanitas.

Other sculptures, available for rent, include United, Eternity and Trilogy, also by different artists and perfect for making a public or private space original and beautiful.

These sculptures for sale at Sculptura® are sure to fill a room or a gallery with life and originality, as the detailed and magnificent sculptures for sale here take on new vitality in the spaces that need fine art most.

Sculptura® has several lovely sculptures for sale and rental, with a focus on metal and stainless steel sculpture art, we provide sculptures of exceptional quality that are both a visual and financial asset. Our extensive range  includes sculpture by world renowned artists and pieces that vary in size, style and investment value. Sculptura® sells sculptures in various materials including:

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Sculptures are available Australia wide including sculpture Sydney and sculpture Melbourne. View our blog post here on sculpture Sydney and sculpture Melbourne.