by Lachlan Ross


Hand-welded pieces of stainless steel combine to form the striking metal sculpture ‘Trilogy’  – by Australian sculpture artist Lachlan Ross.

A Timeless Symbol of Eternal Love and Life. Trilogy uses the shape of a trinity knot, a widely recognized symbol of Celtic heritage, and is an intricate and endless intertwining knot work with three corners. Believed to have originated from pagan times, the true meaning of this symbol has been lost over the years. Today, the trinity knot remains a popular motif, inspiring the creation of beautiful stainless steel sculptures that represent never-ending love and eternal life.

Artist: Lachlan Ross

Material: Stainless Steel (316 marine grade)

Length 100cm

Width: 100cm

Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

Size: medium

poa - 5/9

Currently Available

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