Spirit Bird

by Olivier Neukom

Spirit Bird Black Cockatoo Sculpture

Considering that every creation draws inspiration from a form that our eyes have seen at some point in the past. Most of my sculptures are inspired by the unadulterated beauty of the world around us and the creatures that inhabit it.

It was difficult to resist the desire to mimic the stunning features of the black cockatoo. The intricate elements were able to emerge in sculpture form because of the knowledge of what the stone could offer.

Previous stone masonry projects served as an inspiration for the base.
I’ve considered combining stone and timber for several of my earlier sculptures, but because I wanted this one to strongly resemble Australia, I decided to utilise recycled red gum railway sleepers.

Artist: Olivier Neukom

Material: Carrara Marble

Length: 70cm

Height: 160cm (on pedestal)

Width: 65cm

Weight: 200kg



Size: life size


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