Sculpture can bring a missing element to the interior or exterior of your home or business. Sometimes this missing element is physical: like a central point of interest to a room or garden, or perhaps on a more personal level. Maybe it represents your core values or interest at heart. Sculpture can also bring a room into a sharper focus by introducing tranquility or admiration. A lot of the time both a physical element and a sharper focus or feeling can both be accommodated by a sculpture.

Investing in Sculptures vs. Paintings
With a painting, there is just one viewpoint – frontal With sculptures there are multiple viewing points and all sides have to be tied together visually to give the sculpture a feeling of completeness.

As with all artwork, if you live with the sculpture or painting for a while, there will always be some new item or detail that will pop out at you. There different will be that with a painting , the detail will be on the front. With sculptures, that lovely detail could be back, on the sides or subtly sitting on the top of your sculpture.

Sculpture has an advantage over painting. When you bring in a sculpture to your home or office, you don’t have to necessarily rearrange all of your wall artwork to accommodate it. When you buy a painting, often you will need to rearrange or replace the current artwork.

Sculptures don’t necessarily demand wall space. Sculptures usually display on its own pedestal, or from the floor. This involves at the very most moving the new sculpture around the room to find the ideal placement. Contrast that to taking down every painting and reshuffling their order and placement in the room.

Paintings have colour and design to its credit. Sculpture has colour, design and true depth. It brings a new dimension to the art-viewing experience and also your enjoyment of it. Another reason to invest in sculpture may be that you may have a reaction to the piece. Sometimes you may be visually drawn to a sculpture which shows that the artist is communicating to you on a deep level.

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