Tree of Life

by Hugh Arnold


Contemporary photography

Nude bodies intertwine and float through space, creating organic shapes resembling writhing willow trees. In that sense, Hugh Arnold’s title, “Tree of Life,” is very apt. The figures reach out with languid limbs, branches that bend but do not break.
The core of this photograph is in its dualistic structure: two groups and the energy in-between. Like microbes in a petri-dish or birds in flight, the figures come together to form a greater whole, a siphonophore of disparate yet connected elements. As far as tree metaphors go, this work is a mangrove connected by age-old roots. The configuration of “fish”; material gain, ancestral knowledge, and sustenance in classical painting, is of particular note, representing the energetic (and life-giving) flow of information from one generation to another. This bond transcends the limits of any singular life.

Material: Photographs, Limited edition Lambda Chromogenic Print mounted on Dibond with UV Acrylic

size: large


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