Forget the stock market – today’s nouveau riche and trendy young people are investing in art in hopes that it will increase in value. But before they cash their stocks and hand over their credit cards, they are doing their research to make sure they are getting their money’s worth and that their investment will be secure and have a high chance of paying off. Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why art is a great investment. 

Art is an investment you can enjoy
Investing in art will bring you joy in a different way to say, the stock market. Think about it. Stocks are a bunch of squiggly lines and numbers online. Art can also be a bunch of squiggly lines, but those lines will decorate your home or office until it increases in value. It is aesthetically pleasing, so you can enjoy it in the meantime!

You’re investing in the talent of artists
By buying art, you are supporting the talents and futures of artists. You are supporting the hopes and dreams of talented humans, and that is something that appeals to many philanthropists. Just think – your investment might be just a small sum from your pocket, but it could be an artist’s livelihood.

You’re keeping art culture alive
Without people to invest in the art of budding artists, there will be no new art in the future. Art is a powerful form of expression. It humanises and personalises the environment around us, sparking conversations and bringing people together!

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