Have you ever wondered what sets high-end retailers apart from middle-range retailers? That’s a question that many middle-range retailers have been asking themselves for years, in an effort to break into the high-end market. Some do it successfully, and many others don’t. We have a secret to tell you – often, it has nothing to do with the product. The clothing or products or whatever they are selling are often made by the same people on the ground floor. It has everything to do with the presentation in the retail setting – that is, the way the store is set up and presented.

Art Sculptures for Interior Design

Many high-end retailers rely on interior designers to decorate their stores to give them a high-end feel. It may be pricier than using staff merchandisers, but to these high-end retailers, it is well worth the cost. These interior designers often use costly art and décor to give the stores a luxury feel. They may use sculptures, art and bronze sculptures to decorate. These sculptures are either classic or contemporary in nature, but they are carefully chosen with the audience in mind, and indeed they are well-selected.

These sculptures and bronze sculptures work well with the product in the store to create an overall feeling. High end retailers such as Versace and Roberto Cavalli use art sculptures in their Waterloo stores to enhance customer experience! The customer gets the feeling that the store is very high end and worthy of the money they spend in there. It is indeed a good investment to get an interior designer to at least assess your high-end retail space.

Make a statement in your store with a stunning sculpture from Sculptura®. Art rental options provide businesses with the ability to enhance corporate spaces. For more information contact Sean Bassett or Victoria Polasek at Sculptura® on 1300 278 347 or enquire online.