So you’re looking to buy the right sculpture for your space. That’s a great investment, both for you and your space – congratulations!

There are several reasons why investing in art is a good option. Firstly, well-chosen art can increase in value over time, so carefully choose your artist, the region in which it was produced, and the medium.
Secondly, art and sculpture, are investments that work FOR you! What other investments can you enjoy so much?

So how do you choose the right sculpture to suit your needs? Here’s a short guide to buying the right sculpture:

First, determine what your needs are
If your primary concern is finding something that you like, you’re lucky – you can just look at different pieces of sculpture until you spot one that appeals to you. Then you can go ahead and start making a deal. If the piece needs to be commissioned, you are then faced with the issue of what materials to choose. Will you choose a bronze sculpture or a metal sculpture? You will have to consider what fits better with your collection or your décor, and where the sculpture will be kept. Consider the durability of each of bronze or metal.

Consider which artist you’d like to purchase from
Is there a certain artist or region you’d like to support? Consider who you’d like to buy from, who is well known, and who is rising in the art world.

If you are looking for an investment, be prepared to pay more
If you are looking to buy from someone who is in demand, be prepared to pay more for your sculpture, as the pieces will likely be snapped up quickly.

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