List of different materials used to make sculpture

There are many different materials used to make sculptures throughout history. Generally speaking, artists have a chosen base that they prefer to work with, and don’t stray from it. Stone and clay was the very first material for creating sculpture. In prehistoric times sculptures like the famous ‘Venus of Willendorf’was carved out of limestone. The Egyptians had their gigantic carvings and reliefs in stone.  In many parts of Southeast Asia and the South America sculptures were carved out of wood due to its ease and accessibility.
Then, in the Bronze Age and the Renaissance, bronze became the preferred material for creating sculpture. Once the method was understood it allowed for greater detail and the ability to correct mistakes. it also allows for various finishes with chemical treatments and patinas. Marble was also a preferred material in the renaissance. Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, and Michaelangelo both marble.
Many sculptors these days prefer steel or some form of iron-based material. Even, though it is quite difficult to work with compared to bronze, Alumuminium is also growing in its use.
Whilst there are common materials, anything can be used to create a sculpture. Ice, plastic, even preserved organisms like the tiger shark used by Damien Hirst.

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Full list of different materials used for sculpture:

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