When you think about seeing art, what do you think of? Do you think of going to art galleries, or museums? These are the typical places that you can see art and sculptures, but nowadays art can be found all around us. More and more, art is turning up in unexpected yet welcome places.

Art is a great addition to any event. Carefully chosen sculptures and art can add a touch of ceremony, class, and make any venue seem more dressed up and inexpensive. Even an industrial warehouse can be easily turned into a party space with the right art.

Now with the option to rent art and sculptures, more people and event companies are able to afford this option. Many galleries even lend art free of charge to higher profile events or charity functions or lend the sculptures in exchange for credit to the gallery, or billing as an event sponsor.

Here are six events and venues that can unexpectedly feature sculpture art:

Rock Concerts
Rock concerts and other cutting edge musical events can engage modern sculptures to give them an edgy feel, such as the Vanitas sculpture by Christian Maas.

Festivals are known for being down to earth events where everyone has a great time, but sculptures can bring an element of education, class and culture. Maybe you can teach your festival goers something!

Gone are the days when restaurants just had cheap mass-produced prints for art. Modern, fine dining restaurants often feature the works of local artists – they can even be for sale.

Hospitals have high volumes of traffic and are great venues for art to brighten the room and provide a welcome distraction to visitors and patients alike.

Renting a sculpture for your wedding day can give it a decorative flair and touch of formality

Renting a sculpture for your party provides a great centrepiece and element of flair to your party.

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