Spring is fast approaching, and your garden’s looking a bit worse for wear after the winter. Not to fear – with a little bit of planning and some elbow grease, you can have your garden flower-ready in no time. Getting your garden in order early will give your flowerbeds a head start on the growing season. Here’s a step-by-step guide on getting your garden ready for Spring.

Tidy up your Garden Bed
First, clean up the flower beds. Remove dead leaves, flowers, sticks and any rubbish or debris that has collected over the cold season. You’ll notice that this simple step will make your outdoor space look more welcoming right away! Cut back anything that’s overgrown. Check the dirt. If the old soil is no longer workable, put down the fresh soil. Clean out your garden shed, toss any broken tools, pots that have seen better days, and anything that cannot be cleaned. You will want to start fresh. It’s no fun gardening with old supplies!

Take note of any garden pests and find a way to treat them now, before they become a problem and eat all of your new flowers and plants!

Outdoor Garden Sculptures
Spruce up your garden with well-chosen garden sculptures. Decide on the theme of your garden and consider whether you’re after something contemporary, abstract or perhaps wildlife themed. You could add some small outdoor sculptures or one large statement piece as the centre point of your garden.

Plan your Garden
You should consider the types of flowers you would like and whether you will have a colour theme. While you are at it, plant any bulbs that need to go in now so you can enjoy the flowers later in the season. Make any repairs to fences, gates and other structures as needed. Nothing spoils a garden faster than a ramshackle shed. In no time, your garden will have spruced up just in time for Spring!

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